Opera Mini Next

Opera Mini Next 7.0

Preview what’s coming to Opera


  • Fast access to your favorite content
  • Lets you preview new Opera features
  • Pages load quickly


  • Unstable
  • Should not use as primary browser


Note: Opera Mini Next is no longer officially supported. You can download the latest version of Opera Mini for Java devices here.

Opera Mini Next is a preview version of the Opera Mini and Mobile browsers. Opera Mini Next allows you to preview the upcoming changes in the browser before they are added into the main apps.

The biggest change for Opera Mini Next on Java is a new start page when you start the app and it is capable of learning your common sites and content. Once the app has enough data it will show the content automatically.

The app installs separately from the standard Mini and Mobile apps, so you can have them installed at the same time. Opera Mini Next is a test version so it has a tendency to be unstable. Some options in Opera Mini Next may not work correctly and some websites do not function properly.

Opera Mini Next is an insight into the work that Opera is doing with their browsers, but is not recommended for casual users.

Opera Mini Next


Opera Mini Next 7.0

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